Debunking the myth

Lest you carry on believing that Vermont is some kind of rosy paradise…

… I give you this sinister selection from The Eagle’s* State Police Report.

*The Eagle is a free paper serving Addison and Chittenden Counties. This comes from the ┬áJuly 10, 2010 edition. Headlines include such gems as “Sasquatch? Vermont man in hot pursuit of the elusive ape-like legend” and “Salisbury F.D. get funds” (sic). News you can use.

1 thought on “Debunking the myth

  1. If you’re missing some really exciting crime stories, we can always send you the Metro section from the Washington Post. It must be nice to not have to worry about crime all the time. You ought to send this one in to Jay Leno or something–but then everyone would probably want to move in…Thanks for sharing the news!

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