La fine dell’estate

Summer finally comes to a close and I can breathe again. I love September very much. It brings me all kinds of peace. My calendar is as full as ever, but I actually have moments during the day when I complete full thoughts. We did have one last hurrah before school started, though….

(Me x 1 Excedrin) + 6 kids + 90º = a great day at the Montshire Museum of Science. On the last day of August, we drove an hour and a half to the border of VT/NH to visit one of our favorite Vermont museums. It’s a great little spot with tons of walking trails, a small science museum, and a water play area (in the summer). We saw live baby turtles, shaped sand dunes with sound waves, watched leaf-cutter ants and honey bees at work, chanted famous Shakespeare lines over a pot of fog, had bubble races through liquids of varying viscosity, and enjoyed the cool outdoor waterfall.

I might even venture to say that it was the perfect transitional day from summer fun to going back to school. It certainly was for me.

4 thoughts on “La fine dell’estate

  1. Why did you have 6 kids? I may be dumb, but I’m slow.

    Also. You are amazing. I will never know if my favorite museum is 1 1/2 hours away because I will never drive that far to find out. OK, maybe in a few years I might. But it seems like I never will. I love what a great transitional day that sounds like.

  2. 6 kids because we took two friends. It’s a shame about the distance, but that’s part of life in a rural state. That’s about how far the Baltimore Aquarium is from you if the traffic’s just right. Only we were on winding mountain roads.

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