Briar Rose

Having survived a cool mud season, Spring arrived in Vermont today.

We had a marvelous thunderstorm this morning, the dark clouds turning 9:30 am into midnight. After a thorough soaking, the sun came out and the afternoon was warm and humid, something we haven’t seen in a long time. It was so welcome that we spent the second half of the day outside: the boys in the sandbox and I in the meadow.

I decided that the wild roses were creeping too far from the hedgerow into the open meadow, so I took out my frustrations on a rather large patch of them. Ta-da! Roses and frustrations gone! And no major injuries, except for a rip in my old work shirt. It was good to work hard outside again- I even enjoyed the novelty of sweat. (That won’t last long.)

I felt a little like the unnamed prince in a certain fairy tale, gallantly hacking through the tangle of briars to reach a kingdom frozen in suspended animation. Only this was a Sleeping Beauty of a different kind: earth was sleeping and it only needed the kiss of a 75ยบ day to begin the awakening.

Crocuses and miniature irises are blooming, the blueberry bushes and lilacs have promising buds, the ground bees are buzzing, and the river is full to the brim.

Welcome back, life.











2 thoughts on “Briar Rose

  1. It looks beautiful. If only the last of our snow would melt, I think I might be able to see a few crocuses under there. But if spring will come to Vermont, surely it will make it here.

  2. Gorgeous pictures – you have put the romance back into spring. Around here, allergies rule the roost and we can’t even have our windows open without repercussions. Currently Ginger is on a prescription nasal mist, two kinds of eye drops, and allergy “drinking medicine.” And two baths a day. We watch the breezey floral awakenings through closed windows.

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