This is what many of us are saying in Vermont these days.

Seriously? 8.5 inches of rain this month? It would be one thing if we were prepared to live in the tropics, where no one has a basement and everyone’s bed (or hammock) is surrounded by lovely flowing mosquito netting. But we are an agricultural state more prepared for excessive snow than flooded fields and washed-out roads. By my unofficial observation, we’ve been under a flood warning every day for at least the past month and a half.

Officially, we have received 23.1 inches of precipitation so far this year. The average for January through May is 12 inches. We’re only 14 inches away from meeting our annual total average. Already, we have had more rain than 11 states get annually. Enough, already! We’re ready to plant our gardens and swim in the swollen lakes!

As some sort of strange consolation, the pattern for the last 2 weeks has been quick-moving severe thunderstorms, with their attendant flash flooding and washing out of gravel driveways and unimproved roads (both of which are extremely common here). So at least we have had a few breaks in the weather to play, mow the lawn, and talk about the weather to the neighbors who are also outside, if only briefly. I don’t mind the thunderstorms so much, but I’d rather they happen during the day than the middle of the night as they have been for the last few days.

I really am afraid for the mosquito season this year. I guess we’ll be stocking up on various sprays and a new bottle of tea tree oil to help take the edge off the itch… and maybe even some nets for our beds.

2 thoughts on “Uncle!

  1. G was just asking yesterday when we can go visit our cousins in Vermont again. She fondly sites a game she, T, and P played upstairs that involved pushing on the beds. It’s all she talks about. I will have to tell her you are flooded and mosquito-infested, maybe that will get her through til when we see you in August. I’m really sorry about the rain and mosquitos. Weird weather for everyone!

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