The kids and Christmas break

Leave four children to their own devices for a day and interesting things happen.

The games of imagination and pretend are in full swing. This morning there were igloos and pet dolphins (that was one game involving the middle 2 kids) and there were Lego spaceships built by the oldest and youngest. This afternoon, the same teams have split up the Flags of the World flashcards and are studying for an upcoming friendly tournament. It’s pretty funny to hear the memorization strategies the 12 year old uses for the 3 year old: France rhymes with “dancy pants” and then there’s “KENYA guess this one?”. He gets most of them right, but sometimes mispronounces them, like “Sweetnin” for Sweden and “Pack-a-stand” for Pakistan. But the fact that they can entertain themselves this way makes me very happy.

We were hoping for enough snow to sled on, but we’ll have to postpone that for another time. Only two days till Christmas!

2 thoughts on “The kids and Christmas break

  1. Because France DOES rhyme with dancy pants. I think your kids would definitely whup my kids in a friendly tournament if one happened after Christmas…

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