Some thank-you notes are sweeter than others

Congratulations to the Middlebury College Class of 2011.5!

Febs are a unique group, skiing down the hill in their robes after the ceremony. Middlebury College students, in general, value their uniqueness anyway but if you started college in February rather than September then you are what is called a “Feb”. In 2010, Will Bellaimey gave one of the greatest Feb commencement speeches I’ve heard yet and it’s worth 12 minutes of your time. It still makes me cry.

My husband’s job as a professor at the college has many perks, one of them being a close-knit group of students to mentor. These people come to Middlebury with great zeal and myriad talents and leave with substantial coolness and amazing, amazing powers. Every thank-you note he receives is heart-felt and powerful, every gift is something truly special, and every former student’s impressive career is followed with enthusiasm.

This year, though, a special graduating Feb sent a thank-you that took the cake, so to speak. Congratulations, Tina! And thank you!


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