Postcards from Florida

Occasionally there’s an opportunity you can’t pass up.

My husband is teaching at a 2 week leadership workshop in Florida and we managed to arrange for me to travel down that way for 48 hours of warm, sunny heaven. We stayed at his conference center in lovely Safety Harbor and I can verify that the spa employs some very talented people.

We did a little sight-seeing and while walking the long beach on Caladesi Island, I wondered aloud why people (myself included) feelĀ  so compelled to pick up seashells, especially the most unusual and/or beautiful ones. Why do we collect them?

I’m still not sure I know the answer, but visiting the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg brought out a similar question: why does this artist have a museum? Much of Salvador Dali’s work is deeply rooted in his own personal struggles and some of it is not very pretty. His technical skill is irrefutably great, but as for beauty… there is some, but not all his art is beautiful. For me, good art is pleasant although I know that’s not the case for every art enthusiast. Do we also pick up unique (but not pretty) shells for the same reason- because we value their individuality as compared to all the other shells? Is rewarding what is different a universal human trait or is it tied to my culture? So many deep questions… I tried not to let them get in the way of enjoying this wonderful place and the excellent company.

I brought home a few shells, some saltwater taffy, and some postcards for you. I just wish you could also hear the sounds of the ocean and birds, smell the sea air, and feel the warm sunshine, too. Maybe warm weather will come to your location more quickly than it does to mine.

4 thoughts on “Postcards from Florida

  1. This reminded me so much of our sisters retreat to Clearwater. I loved that trip and Jan/Feb is the perfect time to get sand between the toes!

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