Alternate universe

Today’s high temperature in Burlington is forecast to be higher than the temperature in Miami, Florida. It’s freaking some people out.

Sugaring, for the most part, is done- three weeks early and before the scheduled festivities of the upcoming Maple Weekend. Hmmm.

This is the weather map for the US today:


I have no idea what this all means, but, as my very-Vermont neighbor said to me yesterday, “Well, they can’t take this away from us. We’ve had our spring weather, no matter what comes next.” The first spring peeper frogs have been heard and the mosquitoes are out about 8 weeks early. Could we have missed not only winter, but mud season as well? Do we dare to hope that Vermont gets two full months of real spring?

Talking to my sister recently regarding spring cleaning, I was inspired to wash all the couch cushion covers and they are drying on the clothes line next to some clean down comforters (called “marshmallows” at our house). This weather is certainly inspirational when it comes to deep cleaning. Last year, our women’s group at church made these pages of helpful information about cleaning. This may be moreĀ  than you need, but perhaps you’ll find something in here to inspire the “Mr. Clean” genie in you.

At the time of this writing, the youngest child and his friend are taking a break from rolling hula-hoops down the hill and are having a picnic on the back porch. The neighbors across the street are putting up new siding on their house, and I can also hear motorcycles… a sure sign of spring.

It’s tempting to think it will stay this beautiful forever, though probably it won’t. Many of us in Vermont are hesitant to put away the snow boots. We’ve all seen it snow on Mother’s Day in May… more than once.

But we’re doing our best to enjoy it to the fullest while it’s here!

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