Sci Fri: How does your garden grow?

It’s time for some dirt under the nails in Science Friday, part 5. 

Today we’re taking a look at the science of growing. Kids and seeds are a very natural combination. They totally understand each other.

Materials needed:
Zipper bag
Black paper
Dirt and a little container (for later)

Cut the paper to fit in the ziplock bag. Get the paper fully wet, then place it in the bag. Put the seed in and zip it closed. Tape it (seed facing out) to a sunny window. We made several just in case.

After a few days, check to see if the seed has sprouted. Most of ours sprouted but one decided just to get moldy. That’s natural, too. We talked about how the seeds wake up when they get wet and warm and begin to put out leaves and roots to help them grow. (You can even see the little roots hairs at the base of the stem in the Day 7 picture.) When they have their first leaves, plant them in a pot or the garden.










We also planted lettuce starts… and peas, kale, onions, carrots, and a little radish sprout from an activity at the preschool.

I like starting sees in the bag because kids get to see the seed while it sprouts; it’s not hidden in the dirt. Some of the mystery is removed but there’s still plenty of magic left. It’s not practical to start a whole garden that way, of course.

For music, we used “Once there was a seedling” which is simply this snowman song using the following words: “Once there was a seedling, seedling, seedling. Once there was a seedling, small, small, small. In the sun it grew up, grew up, grew up. In the sun it grew up, tall, tall, tall.” Of course, one does the actions of growing from small to tall while singing. (I’m not sure who wrote this version, but everyone at church seemed to know it as the second verse to the snowman song when we moved here. It’s perfect.)

We also read a summertime favorite: Sunflower House by Eve Bunting. I can recommend Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots as a great book for those looking to do more in the garden with their kids.

For a special snack we buried banana slices in chocolate pudding: almost as messy as working in the garden and even yummier.

Happy planting!

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