The case of the mysterious fevers

We hope we’ve found the solution.

Our third child has always been a little more susceptible to fevers, and last fall I noticed a pattern. He was getting high fevers (with no other symptoms) lasting 3-4 days every 6 weeks. It was worrisome on its own but also very disruptive to his schooling since one has to be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. The doctor and I discussed all sorts of possible options, many blood tests were run, and a pediatric rheumatologist was seen. All inconclusive.

Finally, we went to the otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) and he concurred that removal of the tonsils often has a curative effect on cases like this. I remember my cousin and his wife dealt with a similar issue with one of their boys and a tonsillectomy was the answer for him. Having few other courses for action, we decided to give it a try.

Despite the complications of having my husband out of town and having been up all night with the youngest who had a bad stomach bug, I took my son to the hospital on Friday morning. (I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friend and my 12 year old. Thank you!) Everything went like clockwork, and we were home by lunchtime. He did great, and his new Transformer was pretty much the key.

We are all enjoying the sudden increase in availability of smoothies, pudding and jell-o, and his recovery seems to be going fine so far. Time will tell if this is the cure we have beenĀ  hoping for. If he doesn’t have another episode before October 1st, I will declare it a total success.

Here’s hoping the mystery is solved.

10 thoughts on “The case of the mysterious fevers

  1. Good luck with that! I know what it’s like from the teacher’s side, and it’s hard to have those kids gone so long!

    As a side note, I have heard that peppermint oil applied to the feet is an immediate fever reducer. Worked with a family in our ward. Next time I have a fever, I will give it a try and let you know if it works.

  2. So glad you were able to have the surgery! Tristan has been fever free ever since. Day 3 was probably the roughest day of recovery for Tristan. He was diagnosed with PFAPA if you want to research that to see if your little one had any other symptoms. Big hugs from us for your little guy and YOU!

  3. Find out if something or someone comes to visit every 6 weeks, and the family is tense around him, and he is reacting to the stress….My 3 boys reacted like that with runny nose, ear infections, and fevers…every time critical father in law came to visit!!! When my sons were older they refused to go around him, and never had the illnesses again!!!
    Another Possible help for re-occuring fevers, Vitamin-C injections kills all the stuff. Viruses, parasites, fungus, microbes, germs, amoebas, etc.
    Makes the cells fire electrically correctly again, and the cells then shock the things to death like they are supposed to do in the first place!
    Firing electrically correctly again also helps dead cells, including dead nerve cells to wake up, reversing types of paralysis even from old polio, and strokes.
    I am an old polio victim myself, and also had brain damage from anti-biotics and pain killers during a hysterectomy in 1996, it was like a stroke in effect on the body with spots of paralysis around the body, memory loss, and eyesight loss in my left eye.
    And don’t anyone tell me I don’t know what I am talking about regarding the anti-biotic and pain killers causing brain damage, because I have lived it from the inside out and years of recovery so I do know, so don’t waste my time telling me I am wrong.
    I have used the Vitamin C injections to reverse so much, through the years, and really don’t care what anyone’s opinion on it is. It works, and I can walk, talk, and see, and my memory is better, and it makes my complexion really young and smooth again, and the thing I like the best…it gets rid of every rash and bump on my body!!! Great for Candida sufferers too!!!!

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