Study on, dude

Lifetime learning just got more fun.

You remember this fabulous little video from my alma mater a few years ago, of course.

Well, I’ve been poking around at Brigham Young University’s Independent Study website and I’ve stumbled upon some gems.

Aside from some great for-credit online courses for Middle School students, High School students and College students, they offer a selection of free courses. Free? Yes! Fun? Depends on your definition, but they look fun to me!

Consider the following: Spelling 072: Word Endings and Plurals. Imagine the thrills! Or, Rec 076: Bowling. Online!! (Ok, it’s more like the history and rules, but still….)

Could you use some personal development? I might try out PDEV 075 — Self-Discipline, PDEV 076 — Honesty, PDEV 077 — Trust, or PDEV 080 — Study Skills. Especially if I wasn’t sure I had the discipline to study honestly for an online course which is based on basic trust. Or something like that.

Got Huguenot ancestors? Boy, are you in luck! The course called FHHUG 071 — Huguenot Research was made for you. (I’d take the Scandinavian one, but I already took that course for credit at BYU.)

Seriously, though, there are some really useful things listed. Religion, finance, and a few of the others would be great for a little personal growth pick-me-up.

So you can skip the new pair of shoes and just go ahead- go back to school! All the cool kids are doing it. (And some of them are also wearing new shoes….)

2 thoughts on “Study on, dude

  1. I worked at BYU CE and they really do have all kinds of classes. If you buy a class you’re supporting some of the best student jobs on campus. I loved working there.
    One day I want to go back to school.

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