The spud story

This is the best warm-fuzzy potato story you’ll hear all day.

Last Saturday, my oldest daughter traveled an hour and a half to Sharon, Vermont, to dig up potatoes at Camp Joseph, a campground near the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial. She went with 2 leaders and about 10 other young women and young men from our church’s congregation and they were joined by similar Mormon groups from all around Vermont. I knew she would have a good time because she was with her friends in a place she loves, but I didn’t realize the extent of the service project in which they were participating until she returned and reported.

Someone came up with an inspired plan. During the rainy fathers & sons camp-out back in June, the men and boys planted a bunch of seed potatoes. During girls’ camp (and maybe boy scout camp?) they weeded and hoed the rows. Finally, last week, the youth came back and harvested 500 pounds (226kg) of big, fat potatoes. They laid them out to dry, turned them, bagged them, and sent 10 bags back to each of 10 congregations, to be distributed to those who need them most. Brilliant!

I love my church for many reasons. One of them is its ability to take regular people and turn them into folks who, with God’s help, think up super-awesome ways to help others. Every person who planted, hoed, and harvested was given an opportunity to be better because of their work. Plus, good fresh food will be given to families in need. The prayers of everyone involved might be a bit more heartfelt when God is thanked for the food.

Doesn’t that just make you feel good?

2 thoughts on “The spud story

  1. She hoed those potatoes with the other 1st years at Girls’ Camp during our service project time. I’m sure that made digging those potatoes a bit sweeter for her.

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