Snow Cream

Just what do you do with too much snow? You make ice cream.

Maybe you live in a place that doesn’t get very much snow. Or maybe you haven’t seen as much snow in your location as you’d like this year. But up here in Vermont, we have been enjoying a bounty of the white stuff, especially compared to the dearth we experienced last year. Boy, that was no fun: a seasonal total of 37 inches (93cm) whereas the average is 73 inches (185cm). So far this season we’ve seen 56 inches (142cm) and January isn’t even over yet. Hooray!

It was a good year to decide to learn to downhill ski. The temperature has varied so much that every week it’s almost totally new to us and our class is getting a lot of experience in a variety of conditions. What worked last week isn’t going to work this week which keeps us all on our toes, so to speak. It’s a lot of fun, and I alternate downhill with cross-country skiing for a less stressful, but more aerobic, good time.

Skiing, sledding, fort-building, snowball-making, and snowman-forming aren’t the only things we have been doing with snow this year. We’ve also been eating it. The kids love it fresh and natural, of course, but today we had it creamy and sweet and slightly crunchy. Here’s the super-easy recipe for Snow Cream. (Well, easy if you have a lot of snow….)

Snow Cream
snowscream1Fill your mixing bowl with snow. Add 12 oz (3.5dl) canned evaporated milk and some sugar, about 1/2 cup or to taste. Beat it very fast till the mixture thickens enough. Add more snow if necessary. Add any optional things like vanilla extract, maple syrup, hot cocoa powdered mix, crushed Oreos, or fruit, etc., and stir. Serve immediately, topped with nuts or whatever you like. Enjoy- it melts fast!








P.S. To cure a “brain freeze”, place your tongue as far back on the roof of your mouth as you can and hold it there to warm the palette back up. Proceed with eating your snow cream, but slower. 😉

2 thoughts on “Snow Cream

  1. How fun! How tasty-looking! Michigan is granting us some winter weather here and there – interspersed with warm rainy days and warm sunny days. I hope we can use this recipe soon! Enjoy your skiing!

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