Christmas at Easter; Påska det kjem alltid

How does one celebrate Easter if it’s snowy and cold outside just like Christmastime?

One of my favorite songs by the Norwegian singer Odd Norstoga is called “Jula Det Kjem Alltid” and the chorus goes like this: “Jula den kjem alltid, om det regner eller snør. Og sola den snur alltid, det er bra ho ikkje spør. Ja, jula den kjem alltid, om det regner eller snør”. Basically, it says that Christmas comes whether it rains or snows; the state of the weather doesn’t really change the beauty or magic of the season.

Last year, I wondered if we somehow needed the sensory depravity of winter to really get excited about the holiness of Christmas. This year, I am wondering what I should do to make Easter a celebratory experience if there is no sign of spring. Anywhere. Today, we are having our family Spring Day celebration where we hunt for eggs and enjoy baskets with special treats and so forth. Last night it snowed several inches and I am confused. I have turned back to listening to Christmas music to help me feel the holiness and beauty of Easter.

Am I so weak as to need the weather to cue my religious experiences? Perhaps I am. There’s less lighthearted joy in my heart because, well, there’s no warmth outside when there should be warmth. At the time of this writing, it’s 25F (-4C) and snowing. Granted, most years my kids run out to look for plastic eggs while wearing coats, but snow boots? Mittens?! I almost feel like hiding their stockings outside! Easter is a time for longer days, yes, more sunshine of course, and exultant joy at the feeling of release both from the prison of sin and also the grip of winter.

How odd to only feel the religious part and not the physical part. Odd. Odd, indeed.

But Easter, it comes whether it rains or snows. Påska den kjem alltid, om det regner eller snør.

The Good News of the atonement of Jesus Christ is glorious, even- indeed, especially- in the middle of a cold and snowy spring. Hallelujah.









P.S. This year’s pre-Easter playlist can be found on Spotify.

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