Ready, take 2

We appear to be in the path of another hurricane.

Will anything be different? The precipitation predictions are slightly lower for Vermont this time. But what will that mean?

It means that, this time, the grocery store was out of bottled water and batteries 4 days ahead of time. It means I already know that Monday and Tuesday will entail a lot of rearranging in my basement. It means I will work very hard to make sure the leaves are raked up and the gas tank is full and the laundry is done and the cell phone is charged and the sump pump is in place and we have paper plates. Just in case.

This time, I have a better idea of what might happen. Like last time, I know I can depend on friends and neighbors as we need each other. And, like last time, I will be anxiously waiting to hear whether my husband’s flight home will be cancelled that day.

I’m ready.


What to do: Suggestions for hurricane preparedness (docx)

72 hour kit check list (pdf)

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