I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That comes out in some of my posts as I talk about what’s real in my life. Here are the links to some of the pages that refer to the way spirituality is part of my reality. God is Great.

From this blog:

Norway 2016, part 5: Sabbaten

7 Minutes About Christmas (2014)

Change as a Great Gift (2014)

Holiday Tunes: Thank You For The Music (2013)

Heart Conditions (2013)

Christmas at Easter; Påska, det kjem altid (2013)

Fastelavnsboller (2013)

Serendipity (2012)

Thanks, Mom (2012)

Have Mercy (2012)

Pruning (2012)

The Spud Story (2012)

Beauty for Ashes (2012)

Adaptability (2012)

Holiday Tunes: Where is the Easter Music? (2012)

The Sound of Good Tidings (2011)

Abide With Me (2011)


From the old blog:

Preserved (2010)

Weighing the Value of Santa Claus (2009)

When All Else Fails (2009)

Pioneer Day at the Cabin (2009)

Reminder (2009)

Change for Change (2008)

The Gift (2008)

Light and Shadow (2008)

Guiltlessness (2008)

Oh, I Want To Be In That Number (2008)

Dividing a Holiday (2008)

How To Extend Christmas (2008)

Go Tell It On The Mountain (2006)

Spiritual Math (2006)

From guest posts on Times and

Vanity, What is it Good For? (2010)

Light Thoughts (2010)

Letting Go (2010)

Sacred Spaces, Holy Ground (2010)

Dinner, Old Testament Style (2010)














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