Creativity quick fix

It snowed perfect snow here today. You might enjoy making your own.

I had never seen real snowflake-shaped snow before I visited Vermont for the first time late one December. I thought the lacy, feathered shapes could only be seen under a microscope, yet there they were, sparkling in the street lamp light, all piled up next to the marble steps of the town library. It was like magic! In fact, I still call it “magic snow” when it looks like that. Today’s 5mm flakes were just as perfect and magical as they could be.

Snowdays has long been my favorite snowflake-making site, though it is by no means the only one out there. It’s a great place to spend as couple of minutes designing something almost as beautiful as those amazingly gorgeous hexagonal ice crystals made by the Master Creator Himself. As His children, creativity is in our genes.

Let it snow!

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