Abide With Me

Another walk, a hymn, and a season.

We took another walk Sunday afternoon before the sun went down. As I stopped to photograph what was left of various plants, I realized a line from a hymn was running through my head. “Change and decay in all around I see; O thou who changest not, abide with me!”

Each month is a different season here in Vermont and November’s season can be described by the word “death”. On this walk, all the dead things were so beautiful with each plant holding onto a dry, frozen reminder of its purpose. What’s left behind after the life has gone out of it is what abides: roots, seeds, and dry outlines of the plant’s growth and form. Something always stays. I believe it is the same with us.

November is the end of nearly all green and the environment takes on subtle hues of gray, brown, orange, gold, red, and purple. I’ve written about November in Vermont before, but this year I am telling the story of its grace in images.










Texture credit goes to Shadowhouse Creations, and some effect credit goes to CoffeShopBlog. You two are amazing.

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