Plastic eggs: the Easter story and color-coded fun

A little bit of order makes the chaos more fun for everyone.

I’ve been busy getting ready for Spring Day and Easter. If you’re not familiar with Spring Day, I’ll refer you to this post from 2008 wherein I explained why we don’t do Easter baskets on Easter. We do them on Spring Day.

I’ve been filling plastic eggs to hide outside early Saturday morning, baking a special bread for Sunday, and getting our Easter Eve family lesson ready.

You’ve probably seen this lesson before (frequently called “resurrection eggs” and rather popular a few years back)  but I’ll give it some attention here because I think it is a valuable and fun lesson for kids. During some years I’ve thought maybe we should do something a little more grown-up, but my oldest hasn’t tired of this tradition yet. The empty egg at the end (symbolizing the empty tomb) always brings great smiles.

Items needed:
12 plastic eggs and an empty egg carton
a sacrament cup
3 dimes
knotted twine
a chunk of soap
a square of purple cloth
a small wooden toothpick cross and small nail
a die
a tiny bag of soil and rocks
a strip of white cloth
a little stone
spices tied in a piece of cloth

Print this pdf twice, one for cutting and placing in the eggs and one extra for the parent helper, if needed. Read through the slips of paper in each egg and discuss the things Christ experienced during His last days before Easter.











As for Spring Day, one thing we’ve tried is giving each kid a set number of plastic eggs to find and assigning each a particular color so there’s not quite so much competition for treasures when they go running outside. Here they are, filled with Cadbury mini eggs, Swedish Fish, caramel cremes, and expanding foam dinosaur tablets, among other things.


Hope your Easter is happy, joyful, blessed and holy. Try these sites for some special goodness on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week: or

The Good News is very good indeed. Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “Plastic eggs: the Easter story and color-coded fun

  1. I have the ressurection eggs, but have lost the paper. I thought I was going to have to go to all the work of figuring out what they were and which scripture verse to use on my own, but you’ve saved me (once again). Thanks!

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