Mom, what can I do?

It’s summer, and the kids are bound to have lapses in their own creative ideas for fun.

Inspired by a notebook of ideas my mother made for one of my kids a few years ago and by a list my cousin-in-law posted, I created my own preemptive list of suggestions and hung it in the kitchen. Here is the tabloid .pdf file (11×17 inches) and the letter file (8.5×11). You might need to adjust it for your own life in case you don’t have hula hoops or your kids are not really into K’nex, etc. [Note: there is also a list for 2014 here.]

May your summer be full of discovery and joy.

3 thoughts on “Mom, what can I do?

  1. Oh, boy, I am adding this to my file. With 2 weeks of school left here, I am in high prep mode for a hopefully-busy-in-a-good-way, productive, and maybe even fun & educational summer. Hey, what were those things called your boys played with here, that you stick together when they’re wet? I looked at AC Moore but I couldn’t remember what they’re called. Need some.

  2. Magic Nuudles. Made from corn starch- yet another way for the subsidized corn industry to make themselves invaluable. The nuudles are good, but the packaging was so bad I had to throw it out, put them in ziplocks, and then look up the name today. Marketing failure right there. I think we found them at Michaels in the back near the clearance items. One bag will last a long time. Have fun!

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