Muffin weather

Maybe you’ve felt it, too. It’s time again for little warm baked treasures. It’s been snowing on the tips of the Wasatch Mountains. Seems a bit early for snow, but this is certainly fall weather and it calls for baking.

I needed a way to pack some easy non-sandwich nutrition in the kids’ lunches and a treat to bring to the 9am language class I’m taking, so I turned to my sister Kari’s cookbook about Muffins, which you can find on She also posted her recipes on her baking blog, The Virtual Goodie Plate.

IMG_1107So, to fill my need for a less-sweet item, I made her Bacon and Gruyère Muffins using Jarlsberg cheese and diced ham. I also substituted whole wheat for part of the flour. Just right for after school snack and a great fit for the lunches. I highly recommend them warm. Maybe even with a little butter.





And for the sweetness, I made Gingerbread Muffins with IMG_1113Lemon Glaze. Again, perfect for a chilly day.

I hope you are enjoying this cozy seasonal transition as much as I am.

Happy baking!

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