Keeping track

So far, so good. Jam and syrup totals to date:

Dandelion jelly: 1 batch (3 cups)

Strawberry jam: 1 batch (7 cups)

Strawberry-rhubarb jam: 1 batch (7 cups)

Strawberry, raspberry, or raspberry-peach freezer jam: at least 6 batches (4.5 cups each)

Black raspberry jam: 2 batches (7 cups each)

Raspberry jam: 4 batches (7 cups each)

Rose-petal jam: 1 batch (4 cups)

Total so far= 81 cups (5 gallons) That’s a little more than a cup of jam per person in my family per month for a year.

Raspberry syrup: 1 batch (1 gallon)

Total sugar used= 74 cups, or about 35 pounds (Yikes!)

More to come as the blueberries and peaches ripen… or maybe I’ll just freeze the rest.¬†Anyone want to come pick raspberries?

Update (August 20): add in 18 cups of blueberry jam and a gallon of red currant syrup.

1 thought on “Keeping track

  1. Ahem. That’s even more sugar than I have used this summer. I would love to come pick raspberries, thanks. Unfortunately I am so jetlagged from our trip to Colorado I will never be able to function again. But it was a nice thought.

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